The 'Early Years Teacher's Book' by Leonie Abrahamson is now available, published by Learning Matters (Sage).

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Early Years Teacher Status Guide to the Standards


If you are an Early Years Teacher Status trainee or mentor ‘’ will help you understand the Early Years Initial Teacher Training requirements, give you helpful, practical tips and access to resources and support.

You will find practical advice on getting to know the Teachers’ Standards (Early Years) and how to plan to meet the assessment criteria.

If you need any additional advice or guidance you have access to 1:1 support and coaching, sample pro formas to help you organise your evidence and the ‘Early Years Teacher Status: Guide to the Standards’ book will be out next year. You can also email us at

From September 2013 Early Years Teacher Status will be the only Government endorsed professional accreditation for graduate practitioners in Early Years. It provides you with an opportunity to have your knowledge and skills as a practitioner and leader accredited.

To achieve this you will have to demonstrate your competencies against the eight Teachers’ Standards (Early Years) and other key areas. This website will take you through each area, step by step and if you need more support ‘Early Years Teacher Status: Guide to the Standards’ will be available in November. This guide will help you get to know the Standards and assessment requirements in greater depth and  will help your mentor support you.

To meet all the Standards you will need to understand the Early Years Teacher Status requirements in detail. The information here will give you an overview of  all aspects of Early Years Teacher Status: the Standards, personal practice, leadership and support, reflective practice and the age range requirements.

You can find guidance on the individual Standards and the other Early Years Teacher Status requirements when you click on the links below:

As you progress through your pathway, the information here will be updated to provide you with the information you need at each stage of your journey.

Please email us at for more information or support.