The 'Early Years Teacher's Book' by Leonie Abrahamson is now available, published by Learning Matters (Sage).

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oakley sunglasses cheap Guidance on tricky Standards: 3.3

Making the most of your Development Progress Review

Over the holidays someone sent in a query to the Facebook site about Standard 3.3. To help you prepare your evidence we are going to regularly feature guidance on individual tricky Standards Cheap Oakleys and you are welcome to send in your requests. So, here is some more guidance on this tricky bullet point, […]


Fake Oakleys Peer Observation and Standard 8

Today’s post is the last of 2013 and it looks at how setting up Peer Observations can help you Fake Oakleys sale online evidence Standard 8. Peer Observation and Standard 8 Peer observation can provide an opportunity for you and your team to identify and build on your strengths and celebrate good practice. If you […]


oakley sunglasses cheap Your reflective journal

To achieve your Early Years Teacher Status, you need to demonstrate your Cheap Oakleys reflective practice and here are some tips on why, where, and how you can do this. The why 1) Some Standards explicitly ask for you to evidence your reflective practice, for example, Standard 8.6 which asks you to ‘reflect on and […]


Fake Oakleys sale online Top ten tips for your Developmental Progress Review

Assessors’ Top Tips for getting the most out of your DPR 1) Give yourself plenty of time to complete the replica Oakleys DR 01 form. 2) Read the form carefully and if you don’t understand something, ask your tutor. 3) If you have any questions about the process or an individual Standard, make a list […]


Cheap Oakleys Making the most of your Development Progress Review

Making the most of your Development Progress Review

Some of you will be preparing for your DPR at the moment. This is your oakley sunglasses cheap Development Progress Review and it will help you plan how you will meet all the Early Years Teacher Status requirements. In the weeks leading up to your DPR you will complete a DR 01 form to help […]