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Cheap Oakleys Making the most of your Development Progress Review

Making the most of your Development Progress Review

Some of you will be preparing for your DPR at the moment. This is your oakley sunglasses cheap Development Progress Review and it will help you plan how you will meet all the Early Years Teacher Status requirements.

In the weeks leading up to your DPR you will complete a DR 01 form to help you identify your knowledge and understanding, your experience and your evidence against each Standard and bullet point.

It is worth spending as much time as you can on this as it Cheap oakley outlet gives you an unrivalled opportunity to form an overview of your practice and map it against each Standard.

In the DPR meeting you will spend time with your tutor evaluating your experience against the Standards and together you will identify any gaps and plan your next steps.

Through your discussions your tutor will help you turn your analysis of your knowledge, skills and practice into concrete pieces of evidence.

Your tutor will summarise this information in a DR 02 form and you can use the information on the form in several ways.

1) You will have a list of possible sources of evidence for each Standard and bullet point and you can use this as a guide and a reminder. For example you can use this to draw up a list of documents to include in your portfolio and areas to show your assessor on the tour.

Tip: you can transfer each suggested piece of evidence into a chart that records where you plan to evidence each Standard and bullet point, for example, on the tour or in your document portfolio. This will help you form an overview of what you plan to evidence and where.

2) You can use the action points your tutor suggests to create an action plan for yourself.

Tip: remember to draw up a timeline for your action plan as some actions take longer to achieve than others, for example, finding a placement in a baby room.

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