The Early Years Teacher’s Book (2015)


This book guides you step-by-step through what you need to do to become an Early Years Teacher. It explains how you can meet each of the Standards and assessment requirements and addresses common concerns, giving many examples of the strategies that trainees find most helpful. The chapters explore each aspect of every Standard and indicator, with notes on theory, practical tips, case studies, activities and suggestions for further reading.

This book will help you to:

  • understand all aspects of each Standard and indicator;
  • link your practice to the Standards;
  • understand the assessment requirements and how to strengthen your evidence;
  • plan and track your evidence;
  • prepare for your early years and school-based placements;
  • complete your written assignments and create your portfolio with confidence;
  • develop the skills needed to take on a leadership role;
  • work in partnership with your mentor.

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‘Preparing for your Early Years Initial Teacher Training’ (Edition 2 2016)


This short guide will support you in your personal & professional development as you work towards becoming an Early Years Teacher. It is full of strategies that can help you prepare for returning to study, make decisions about your career and organise, evaluate and strengthen your evidence.

Additional bonus material introduces you to tracking templates that enable you to monitor your evidence you need and make sure that it is as strong as it possibly can be.

Each chapter focuses on one key strategy to help you achieve your EYTS:

  • Chapter 1 ‘Becoming an Early Years Teacher’: mentally preparing for success.
  • Chapter 2 ‘New Horizons’: the decisions that can enhance your career.
  • Chapter 3 ‘Four Steps to Success’: 4-step framework for preparing for study and meeting the Standards.
  • Chapter 4 ‘Meeting the Age Range and Leadership Requirements’: apply the 4 steps.
  • Chapter 5 ‘Preparing to Study’: tips, practical strategies and study skills.
  • Chapter 6 ‘Strategies and Tips’: review and evaluate your evidence.
  • Appendix 1 ‘9 Strategies to Strengthen your Evidence.’
  • Appendix 2 ‘Track your Evidence’: templates to track and evaluate your evidence.


‘Personal and Professional Development for the Early Years Workforce’


This concise but comprehensive book will encourage you to reflect on your strengths, build on the abilities you already possess, and consider which skills you would like to develop to enhance your practice.

The cycle of experiential learning through observation, feedback and reflection is discussed, and action planning, including the setting of SMART targets, is explained in detail. These are all essential skills for you as an Early Years Teacher trainee.

As personal and professional skills are inextricably linked, this text also explores specific areas of personal development (including confidence, assertiveness and resilience) and professional development (such as public speaking, participating in and leading meetings, and project management).

The case studies illustrate how the strategies and advice given could work in practice, and this will enable you to gain confidence in your personal practice and leadership skills, deepen your reflective practice and improve children´s experience of learning.