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Reflective Practice

Reflective PriStock_000010637255_Smallactice and your Journal: Understanding the Requirements  

As your Early Years Teacher Status recognises that you are a reflective practitioner, you need clear evidence of your reflective practice.

If you plan your evidence carefully you can highlight your involvement in the reflective cycle of observation, reflection, planning, action and evaluation within each source of evidence.

Your first task will be to complete a series of written assignments and you can use these to evidence your reflective practice. These assignments are not academic pieces of writing, so you do not have to think about referencing and bibliography. However, you will need to use each assignment carefully to make sure that you highlight your reflective practice.

This type of writing may not come naturally to you, so it can help if you practice beforehand.

If you start a reflective journal now, you will have time to develop your confidence and find your voice.

  1. Practical Tip 1

    You need to evidence your reflective practice in relation to specific aspects of a Standard.

    Read through the Standards to find out where you have to show evidence of reflection e.g. aspects of Standard 8.

    Make yourself a list of these as a reminder to yourself, and every time a relevant situation arises, you can use your journal to reflect on this.

  2. Practical Tip 2

    Read through the Standards and make a list of all those you could evidence well in a piece of reflective writing, such as Standard 8.3, modelling good practice.

    At the end of each day read through your lists and choose one incident to reflect on in your journal.

    This will give you practice in reflective writing and build up evidence to include in your portfolio.